You may think you live in an age of reason.

We have made great strides in applying rational argument to understanding the natural world. But we often seem unable to translate scientific understanding into practical solutions to our problems.

We have made almost no progress in applying reason to questions of morality, politics and religion. But these questions are at least as important for human wellbeing.

In this blog I will be exploring how we think about science, politics, ethics and religion. How can we reason correctly, and usefully, and persude others to do the same?

What is a rational argument? A rational argment:

* Considers each issue on its merits, not on the basis of irrelevent considerations such as how your tribal allegiance or how your opinion may be judged by others.

* Considers evidence rather than preconceptions.

* Seeks explantions rather than relying on authority.

* Does not cherry-pick its data or its arguments.

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